Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mission for Missing Children

We are a group of triathletes, marathoners and climbers who are also parents. We are concerned with the reported cases of missing children and realised the system we have now is rather reactive than proactive. Hence we came out with this idea of MfMC to create continuous awareness to the public on the importance of children's safety. We do not want to wait for the next case to happen before we act.

ok..ape mende sbnrnye nie? mission nie ditubuhkn oleh senior2 arc-latepackers iaitu kicok, kepet, ipin n isteri2 dieorg. mission nie adalah untuk memberi kesedaran tentang kes2 kanak2 hilang dan memberi tips atau cara2 untuk mengelakkn kes2 seperti ini berlaku. ape yg membezakan mission ini dgn mission2 yg laen adalah cara kami menyebarkan dan mempromosikan mission ini iaitu dgn aktiviti2 outdoor seperti berlari, berbasikal, triathlon, duathlon, hiking dan lain2. hehehe..paham?

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